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We Want To Feature Your Stories of Orphan Care!

We dream of a community where artists unite together for the betterment of humanity and where we all share our talents to serve others and inspire people to do good. This is why we want to partner with you! We want to share your stories on our ‘Artists for Orphans’ section which will be published as soon as we receive a handful of stories!
Each story that is submitted will be reviewed by our team and chosen if it corresponds with our mission of inspiring and educating people on orphan care. If you have a photo essay, video, poem, drawing, etc of a story that you believe will impact people and inspire them to serve the orphan then we want to see it!
Thank you so much for your interest in sharing your work and/or personal orphan care story with The Archibald Project and our community! We are looking to share all aspects that will educate and inspire people into action! Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, writer, parent, single, adoptee, care giver, foster parent, birth parent, sibling, pastor, intern, instagrammer, traveler, blogger, social worker or anything else, we want to hear and see your stories and hopefully partner together to share them with the world!

We Want To Share:

• Real people walking through real life serving abandoned children

• Unique angles of how we can all serve the fatherless

• Creativity

• Hardships that people have had to walk through in order to love and serve the orphan

• Testimonies from people directly affected by orphan care

What Falls Under The Umbrella of Orphan Care?:

• Adoption stories, past, present and future

• Organizations geared towards helping abandoned children

• Foster care stories

• Working with birth parents to gain their children back

• Individuals giving their time and energy towards helping orphaned children

• And really anything else that might inspire someone else to take action and care for the orphan

How Do I Submit My Story?!?!

Please email a short summary, 500 words or less, to Make sure to include a minimum of 4 images if you are submitting a photo story and a link, file or dropbox folder of any other media you are submitting. We will contact you with exact file size requirements if we are able to feature your story. Thanks!

When will I know if my story is going to be featured?

We are still a very small team, so a response from our end can take up to 10 business days. Our desire is to feature as many stories as possible because this isn’t a competition, this is a collaboration of hearts to serve the orphan! Even if you aren’t a professional artist we would still love to share your story, so please don’t hesitate to submit


Thank you all so much for wanting to serve through your giftings and we are so freaking excited to start sharing some of your inspiring work!