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Media Missions


Our Media Missions are an avenue for you to use your art to help advocate for orphan care. On each Media Mission we will work with a specific orphanage (a different one for each trip). You will be commissioned to love, serve and document the orphans, their stories and needs, in order to inspire and educate your communities at home on how they can serve the fatherless. A few ways that some of our team members from our first Media Mission have used their media to serve the children we worked with are as follows:

People deciding they want to adopt  •  Community groups being formed around learning about orphan care
Funds being raised to build a permanent orphanage so the babies home they worked in does not have to keep renting  •  Endless amount of clothes, shoes and medicine donated
Sponorships for the children  •  Sponorships for the workers who work 10+ hour shifts and often go unpaid because they don’t have the funds to pay their employees

If this type of work sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please find a trip that fits your schedule and fill out the appropriate application. Thank you!