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Media Mission Uganda


In March of 2014, we led a Media Mission to Jinja, Uganda where we hosted a team of 9 artists. Our mission was to love on and serve the sweet orphans of a babies home and document their stories. The stories were used to educate people back home about the needs in Uganda and to find creative way to help.  Some of the success we’ve already seen from our first Media Mission are:

Community groups being formed around learning about orphan care  •  Funds being raised to build a permanent orphanage so the babies home they worked in does not have to keep renting  •  Endless amount of clothes, shoes and medicine donated  •  Sponorships for the children  •  Sponorships for the workers who work 10+ hour shifts and often go unpaid because they don’t have the funds to pay their employees

These are just a few ways that their media has helped impact a small orphanage in Uganda, and we are sure many more amazing things will come from their work in the following months. To be a part of a life changing opportunity where you can use your artistic talents to serve others please view our ‘Upcoming Trips’ section to get involved!

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