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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is The Archibald Project?

Great question! We are a media based nonprofit that uses photography and videography to tell stories that educate and inspire people to serve orphans. We know that most people in the Western world know what adoption is and have most likely heard of foster care. However, we use our cameras to tell stories about every day people getting involved and serving the fatherless. We use our media to show different sides of orphan care, such as volunteering with an orphanage, sponsorships, reintegration, working with birth families to help gain their children back and unique and beautiful adoption stories. 

I have filled out an Application for The Archibald Project to document my adoption, where do I submit it?
Please email all filled out applications to: Due to the high number of applications submitted we are unable to respond to each inquiry. If we are able to document your adoption, we will contact you. Thank you for understanding.
How are you funded?
We are fully funded by donations. If you would like to help us further educate and inspire people to care for the orphan, please click here.
Are there requirements for families reaching out for your services?
The mission of our project is to see the number of orphans in the world decrease. In order to accomplish this goal, we ask all families and organizations we partner with to commit to our mission & actively promote orphan care. While we love family photos and framed memories, we are not able to document a story purely based on a desire to have it photographed. We are only interested in partnering with those that share our goals & desires to inspire others to serve the fatherless whether its through: volunteer services, adoption, reintegration, foster care, sponsorships or donations.
How do I get involved with The Archibald Project?
We are currently not accepting applications for employment, however, if you would like to volunteer your services, please contact: and someone from our team connect with you soon! Thanks!